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Understanding CoQ10

CoQ10, or coenzyme Q10, is an effective vitamin-like substance naturally produced in all cells of the human body and has been studied extensively for more than 30 years. Research indicates CoQ10 supplementation may support normal heart function, help protect against free radical induced oxidative stress, and help maintain healthy energy levels.*

Why Supplement?

The human body gradually loses its ability to create and metabolize CoQ10 as it ages, starting as young as 20 years old, due to the complex biosynthesis of CoQ10, which requires at least eight vitamins and numerous trace elements before it can be used for energy production; leaving the body deficient of this powerful coenzyme. The result is less cellular energy and diminished protection against free-radicals, leaving the body tired and with a weakened immune system. CoQ10 supplements are increasingly important to people who are over 40 or are affected by certain age-related conditions that hinder the body’s ability to convert CoQ10.

Currently there are three methods of producing supplemental CoQ10: yeast fermentation, bacterial fermentation and the synthetic method. WIN CoQ10 is processed 100% from yeast, producing the most pure and bio-identical to the human body’s own coenzyme and is free of the isomer found in chemically processed, synthetically produced CoQ10 yielded from tobacco.

CoQ10 can be found in food; however the typical Western diet supplies only about 5 mg a day. To provide 30 mg of CoQ10, one would have to eat one pound of sardines, two pounds of beef or two and a half pounds of peanuts. Additionally, absorption of dietary CoQ10 is slow and limited because of its large molecular weight and the fact that it’s not water soluble. For the first time, a stabilized ubiquinol form of CoQ10 is now available in WIN CoQ10, providing 50 mg of high-absorption CoQ10 in a single softgel capsule.